GPT4 And Movie Scripts

I asked a friend to have GPT4 (the successor to chatGPT) write a prompt for itself to write a movie script. Here’s the prompt it came up with:

Craft an engaging and original movie script that revolves around an enigmatic object with mysterious powers. The story should include a diverse and dynamic ensemble of characters, each with their own unique backstory, who must come together to uncover the truth behind the object. The plot should feature unexpected twists and turns, with a focus on character development and emotional depth, while incorporating elements of suspense, action, and heartwarming moments. Please provide a complete script, including character dialogues, scene descriptions, and visual details.

I love how generic this description is. To a great degree that’s what chatGPT/GPT4 specializes in; it’s an engine for generating the most probable text that the people who wrote what it was trained on would say. That is, it is a cliché engine.

I should also note, in fairness, that chatGPT/GPT4 is woefully underpowered to generate a full movie script. Those are usually about 100 pages long (the rule of thumb is 1 minute per page for a competently written script), while chatGPT/GPT4 is limited to 4096 “words” (where “word” is defined a bit weirdly, almost more like “syllable”, though not quite). That said, it’s interesting to take a look at what little it can do.

So, here’s the script generated from the prompt:

Title: The Enigma of the Eon Orb


A dimly lit room is filled with ancient artifacts. We focus on a particular exhibit: a small, glowing ORB, encased in glass. This is the EON ORB.

Right off the bat, this is not right for a movie script. A movie script describes what the audience sees and hears, it does not give exposition to the reader as if it’s a narrator in a novel. Movie scripts are essentially the blueprints for creating a movie; you can’t do anything with “This is the EON ORB.” You could probably get away with “The camera focuses in on the exhibit with the EON ORB, though it’s only labeled ‘mysterious artifact'” That lets the prop department know which prop to use.


Establishing shot of the museum. A heist is taking place; masked THIEVES break in and steal the Eon Orb.

Again, this is not how movie scripts work. In a movie script you have to say things like how many people we see, vaguely what they look like, and it needs to describe in detail what they do. This is more like the prompt you might give to an improv group.

Further, how are we supposed to see that they steal the EON ORB from outside the museum? There is a lot of detail available in HD movies these days, especially if you spring for the 4K version, but showing a heist inside a museum from the outside of the museum is asking a lot even of 4K.



AGENT JAMES PARKER (40s, experienced, determined) is briefed about the theft. He learns about the Eon Orb’s mysterious powers and its ability to manipulate time.

Again, not how movie scripts work.

Also, if people knew about the Eon Orb’s mysterious powers and its ability to manipulate time, why was it just left in a museum, rather than in a securely guarded vault?

We need to assemble a team to retrieve this artifact before it falls into the wrong hands.

Who is he talking to? Why does he believe that it has not already fallen into the wrong hands?



That’s not how movie scripts work! You can’t cut to several different places. Or is this meant to be split-screened like the Ang Lee hulk movie which I never saw but I heard was unwatchable because he show several scenes simultaneously in split-screen?

Parker recruits a diverse group of experts for his team:

This is more like a summary than a script, and barely even that.

DR. OLIVIA MARTINEZ (30s, intelligent, strong-willed), an archaeologist with knowledge about the Eon Orb
LENA JONES (late 20s, athletic, tech-savvy), a skilled thief with a troubled past
RAYMOND “RAY” SMITH (40s, charismatic, mysterious), a history professor with expertise in ancient artifacts
RUBY ZHANG (early 20s, quiet, empathetic), a gifted artist who can recreate any object she sees

OK, the archaeologist with knowledge about the Eon Orb I get. A history professor expertise in ancient artifacts… I guess is defensible. Why is the CIA recruiting a tech-savvy skilled thief with a troubled past? Don’t they have tech-savvy people with thief-like skills but without the troubled past in the CIA already? And what on earth could the point be of recruiting an artist who can recreate any object she sees? Is she supposed to make commemorative figurines to help them remember their adventures once it’s over?


The team gathers, and Parker briefs them on the mission.

Yeah, this isn’t how you write a movie script, but it’s also pointless because it’s summarizing one of the few lines of dialog that comes immediately after.

We have intel that a powerful criminal organization is behind the theft. Our mission is to retrieve the Eon Orb before they discover its true power.

The team agrees to work together, despite their differences.

GPT4 really believes in “tell, don’t show.” That said, why does having different jobs mean that they have to agree to work together “despite their differences”? Also, isn’t that what they did when they were recruited? Were they only recruited to hear the briefing and then they’d decide on what they were committing to?


The team travels to different parts of the world, following clues and leads. Along the way, they encounter dangerous situations and form strong bonds.

This is impressively generic, even by chatGPT standards. Also, it’s not a movie script. I need a macro for that…


The team discovers the ORGANIZATION’s hideout. They devise a plan to retrieve the Eon Orb.

The place where they discover the hideout of the ORGANIZATION (what a creative name for a criminal organization!) is outside of an abandoned warehouse? This is also where they devise their plan? They walked up to it planless and only when they were sitting around outside did they devise a plan???

Also, why is the team who is going to infiltrate a hideout in an abandoned warehouse a CIA agent, an archaeologist, a history professor, a thief with a troubled past, and an artist? Remember, these weren’t thrown together by coincidence, they were recruited by the CIA agent. When it comes to sneaking into a criminal organization’s hideout, there’s no one he’d rather have by his side than these people with (possibly aside from the thief) no relevant skills?


The team infiltrates the hideout in an intense action sequence. They succeed in retrieving the Orb, but they accidentally activate its powers.



The team is transported back in time to an ancient civilization, where they meet the original GUARDIANS of the Eon Orb. They learn about the Orb’s true purpose: to maintain balance between the past, present, and future.

You must return the Orb to its rightful place in your time. The balance of the world depends on it.

Wow. What a plot. So the Eon Orb’s purpose is to maintain the balance of past, present, and future. It does this by being in the time where it’s supposed to be. So why does it have a user interface which you can accidentally trigger that sends it to the wrong time? Seriously. The thing’s function is best accomplished by not doing anything with it. Why does it have the ability to allow people to screw that up when literally nothing good can come of it. That would be like putting a self destruct button on a sandbag used for holding floodwaters back. That’s not helpful.

The team faces moral dilemmas and confronts their personal pasts. They grow and learn from their experiences.

Man did this follow the prompt to “feature twists and turns with an emphasis on character development”.


They return to the present, but are discovered by the Organization. A thrilling chase ensues.

I guess we’re supposed to take the script’s word for it that the chase was thrilling.


The team is cornered, but they use their individual skills to outsmart the Organization and escape.

I really want to know which skill the history professor used to outsmart the Organization and escape. No, scratch that, I want to know which object the soft-spoken artist copied perfectly during a thrilling chase which allowed her to escape.


The team returns the Eon Orb to its rightful place, restoring balance to the world.

The script never actually mentioned anything bad happening because the Eon Orb was gone, but OK.


The team says their goodbyes, having formed lifelong bonds.

We’ve come a long way. I’m proud to call you all my friends.

Our paths crossed for a reason. I’ll never forget our journey together.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll cross paths again someday.

I hope so.

Until then

Oh wow is that dialog original!

GPT4 suggests that the title of the movie should be “The Enigma of the Eon Orb,” but I suspect “Action Team Cliché: Origins” would be a better title.

I guess this wasn’t an entirely fair request. It’s not easy to write an original, engaging, heart-warming movie that focuses on character development. Let’s give it something easier.

Here’s GPT4’s attempt at a script for a sequel to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens:

Title: Star Wars Episode VIII: Shadows of the Past


Commander POE DAMERON is briefing a group of pilots, including REY and FINN.

We’ve discovered an old Imperial outpost on the distant planet, Tython. Our intel indicates that there might be valuable information on the whereabouts of other potential Force-sensitive individuals.

We can’t let the First Order get their hands on that information.

Agreed. We have to get there first.


The Millennium Falcon and several X-wing fighters blast off towards Tython.


The Resistance team arrives on Tython and enters the ancient outpost.


The team explores the outpost, uncovering hidden rooms and ancient artifacts.

(sensing something)
There’s a strong presence of the Force here.

Let’s find that information and get out of here.
[4:26 PM]
As they continue to search, they discover a holocron with the data they need. However, they also awaken an ancient DARK SIDE ENTITY, which attacks them.


The team fights the dark side entity. Rey’s powers are tested as she struggles to protect her friends.


The team escapes the outpost, but the entity follows them. A massive battle ensues between the Resistance and the dark side entity.

We can’t defeat it alone. We need help.

Rey, you have the power within you. Trust the Force.

Rey takes a deep breath and focuses her energy. She harnesses the power of the Force and defeats the entity.


The team returns with the information and is greeted by General Leia Organa.

Well done. With this information, we can find and train others like you, Rey.

The First Order won’t know what hit them.

We’ll be ready.

The movie ends with the promise of a new generation of Jedi and the hope of defeating the First Order once and for all.

Yup. It was better than the one Rian Johnson wrote. (If you’re curious, here’s my twenty seven thousand word review of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Least Jedi.)

Of course, that’s a very low bar to clear. You have to dig in order to find it.

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