Grace and Truth

In this video I talk about the passage from the gospel of John where it says that grace and truth came from Jesus Christ, and how unique that is. (This is inspired by an observation from Bishop Barron about how in religion it’s usually grace or truth, not grace and truth.) I take a look at some other religions and worldviews and how they have (by their own lights) either grace or truth, but not both.

But What If It’s True? The Uncertainty of Doubt

In this video I discuss an interesting story told by Martin Buber.

An adherent of the Enlightenment [writes Buber], a very learned man, who had heard of the Rabbi of Berditchev, paid a visit to him in order to argue, as was his custom, with him, too, and to shatter his old-fashioned proofs of the truth of his faith. When he entered the Rabbi’s room, he found him walking up and down with a book in his hand, rapt in thought. The Rabbi paid no attention to the new arrival. Suddenly he stopped, looked at him fleetingly, and said, ‘But perhaps it is true after all.’ The scholar tried in vain to collect himself—his knees trembled, so terrible was the Rabbi to behold and so terrible his simple utterance to hear. But Rabbi Levi Yitschak now turned to face him and spoke quite calmly: ‘My son, the great scholars of the Torah with whom you have argued wasted their words on you; as you departed you laughed at them. They were unable to lay God and his Kingdom on the table before you, and neither can I. But think, my son, perhaps it is true.’ The exponent of the Enlightenment opposed him with all his strength; but this terrible ‘perhaps’ that echoed back at him time after time broke his resistance.

I’ve finally got all of my published videos scheduled!

At the time of writing, I’ve been having a post about one published video, per day, excluding Sundays, for about two weeks now. I’ve finally fished scheduling posts about all of my (at the time of writing) extant published videos, which carries me until December 30th. Phew. I can’t believe how far behind I’d fallen. The time is really flying!

This makes me extra glad that I’ve given up making the audio-only versions, as I would still have just left them had I been requiring those extra steps of myself. It’s a lesson in the importance of streamlining when there’s a lot of work to be done.

Atheists Are Discouraged, Water is Wet

In this video I look at a trend of Atheist YouTubers talking about how they’re discouraged because views (and money) are dropping off on YouTube. (Note: this video was originally published in July of 2019, so that’s when the trend was. That said, at the time I’m writing this BionicDance’s last video was a “state of the channel” in which, I’m told, she said that she’s moving on to doing web comics, or some such. So I don’t think that the Atheists have become encouraged in the interim.)

As a bonus, at the end of a video there is a parody song which was a collaboration with Rob of Deflating Atheism (who did the playing and singing), The Battle Hymn of the Atheist Republic. It’s a lot of fun.

The Game of Telephone & The Gospels

I sometimes would see people invoke the game of telephone (where kids sit in a circle and whisper things in each other’s ears, and then the last person says it out loud and everyone laughs at how much it changed) to try to show how unreliable human testimony is, and therefore how unreliable the gospels are. This is, to put it honestly, stupid, and I explain several different reasons why it’s stupid.