Advice for Men on Dating and Finding a Wife

Some advice for men on dating and finding a wife. To paraphrase Winston Churchill: this video, by its very length, defends itself against ever being watched. Still, I hope some of it might be helpful. It contains some thoughts on dating, courtship, being friends with women, how acquaintanceship differs from being friends, how to go about trying to maximize one’s attractiveness to women, and other subjects.

(I intend to make a video with advice for women on dating and finding a husband, but it’s going to take me a bit to finalize what I want to say on the subject and record that video.)

Usury and Lending at Interest

In this video I talk about usury, lending money at interest, the development and refinement of economies, investment, and lending money, as well as how the modern understanding of lending at interest does not contradict ancient views on usury as sinful because of a change in context, and what things within the modern context are still sinful because they are the same thing as what was prohibited in former times.

Attracting Women With Purpose, A Response to @BASSFZz ​

In this video response I look at some of the things that BASSFZz has said about “having a purpose” and its relationship to men attracting women, and how this sort of advice needs to be understood like advice for interviewing for a job—how to not screw up if you’re already qualified for the job.

The two BASSFZz videos that most prompted this were:


Do You Need Money To Be Happy?

I look at the question of whether you need money to be happy, as Aristotle would have said, and as Ed Latimore recently (on a historical scale) suggested. Ed’s tweet:

Thoughts on the Soul, While Hunting

A quick video I made while bow hunting while the deer weren’t coming. I share some thoughts on the soul, and how some people go wrong by thinking of the soul like a ghost in a machine, or like some sort of physical pure-energy matter that operates the body in a purely physical way, except not physical. I also talk about how everyone actually believes in the soul, because being a strict materialist would be absurd, and give examples.