2 thoughts on “The Sunk Costs Fallacy Isn’t a Fallacy

  1. As something like fifty percent of your YouTube commenters have already said, you don’t seem to understand the sunk cost fallacy. From Wikipedia:

    The sunk cost fallacy has also been called the “Concorde fallacy”: the UK and French governments took their past expenses on the costly supersonic jet as a rationale for continuing the project, as opposed to “cutting their losses”.

    When YouTube commenters have pointed this out to you, your response is to say ‘no one would be that stupid’, which seems an odd thing to say: do only smart people fall victim to fallacious reasoning? To bring this back to (a)theism, one would have to ask why God would do such a shoddy job of designing human reasoning abilities.


    1. Have you considered learning how to understand what you read? I said that no one is foolish enough to say that having spent effort on a thing in the past guarantees success in the future, which someone had claimed was what it really meant.


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