Too Funny To Not Share

Yesterday evening, a YouTube atheist whose channel is named “TheSkepTick” (he’s British or from some commonwealth country so he means a check mark, not a blood sucking insect) made a video about one of mine. (Specifically, about the first in the Stupid Things Atheists Say series.) Since his videos get several thousand views, this has result in hundreds of comments from angry atheists telling me how stupid I am, how I understand nothing, that I’m projecting, etc. etc. etc.

I’ve no interest in watching the video, but I was mildly curious who TheSkepTick was since I’d never heard of the channel before, so I searched him up on YouTube. Then I looked at his About page. This is the part that’s too funny to not share.

A brand new channel, making Atheism & Skepticism more accessible to a wider audience. A lot of the atheist community, in my mind, sound REALLY smart, because of the huge words and fast paced rebuttals they use. It’s not all like that, you can be like me, not overly intelligent, and look at why people believe things, then question it, simply, yet effectively.

Pray for them, please.

3 thoughts on “Too Funny To Not Share

  1. “I’ve no interest in watching the video”

    Yeah, sure. Stick your fingers in your ears and go “la la la” to avoid criticism. You make videos attacking atheists, but when an atheist takes the time to make a response video, you refuse to watch it? That’s pretty childish behavior on your part. Incidentally, despite claims to the contrary, atheism is gaining popularity on YouTube: I recommend Rationality Rules and Cosmic Skeptic (the latter is studying for a theology degree) if you want to know what atheists really say.

    “This is the part that’s too funny to not share.”

    It’s supposed to be funny.


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