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In January of the year of our Lord 2016, I wrote the post Kant’s Version of Knowledge. If you want to understand the modern world, it’s important to understand the substitute that Immanuel Kant came up with for knowledge, as it leads to many of the very strange things we observe today. The post begins:

For those who don’t know, there is a school of philosophy called, unfortunately enough given the passage of time, Modern Philosophy. It had several features, but the main one was that it denied that knowledge was really possible. It was rarely that explicit, and oddly enough started in the 1600s with René Descartes’ proof that knowledge is possible. It ended with Immanuel Kant’s work in the 1700s trying to come up with a workable substitute for knowledge.

I know that it’s my own post that I’m recommending, but nevertheless it’s worth reading the whole thing.

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