Speaking About The Weather

I was recently speaking to a friend who lives in Pittsburgh about the forecast weather for what was, then, the next day. It was forecast to be seventy degrees and she remarked that we never used to see days this warm in November. Being a nerd, I did a little research, then sent this to her:

I looked up Pittsburgh’s weather for November 2009 and it hit 72 degrees on November 8. According to weather.gov, historical temperatures for Pittsburgh, the average temperature in November of 2019 (the last november they have data for) was 37.7 degrees. Going back 100 years, to 1919, it was 44.6 degrees. In 1871, the first year they have weather for, it was 38.2 degrees.
(source https://www.weather.gov/media/pbz/records/histemp.pdf)

According to the warm days by month (https://www.weather.gov/media/pbz/records/warmdaymonth.pdf)
The warmest November 3 was in 1961 at 82, the warmest Nov 1 was 80 degrees in 1950, the warmest November 7 was 78 degrees in 1938. In other words, if it his 70 degrees tomorrow, that will be 8 degrees shy of the record back in 1938.

Weather is more variable than people remember it.

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