A Fun Plot

Mystery writers often put mystery writers into their plots, one way or another. (It’s a minority, but way more than one or two.)

It would be fun to vary this up and put a writer of hard boiled detective stories – the story of thing that would start Humphrey Bogart if he were still alive – at a country house for an English cozy murder mystery. Much fun could be had of the police consulting him for ideas and him having no ideas but to wait for the murderer to kidnap him.

2 thoughts on “A Fun Plot

  1. Mary

    A lot of writers put in writers who write at least subtly different works. Harriet Vane and Lord Peter contrast what she would make her detective do and what happens to them. In the Golden Oecumene, Daphne’s stories are at least as misleading as they are good guides.


    1. Oh sure – but they play them straight, at least mostly. (I’m not familiar with the Golden Oecumene.) I’m thinking of something which exploits the radically different approach for humor value – a comedic work, not a story which merely has light moments in it.


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