The Totally Phantom Menace

Not recent, but so much fun:

For those interested in good fight choreographies, here’s Jet Li fighting an entire room of police officers who were just in martial arts training:

You’ll note that there is the use of space and blocking to generally force his opponents to attack him one-on-one. Moreover he moves so fast that the time between attacks is much shorter; in some cases the two opponents attacking in series is basically them attacking at the same time just not in perfect unison.

It’s still a choreography, of course, and not realistic. But it’s a choreography done with a lot of skill and in general an eye for detail. Even when you pause it and look carefully about the only major criticism you could level is that the opponents almost invariably go for big swinging strikes and never use jabs. That said, at least their big swinging strikes are fast. Oh, and Jet Li turns not because it’s pretty but because there are people behind him.

2 thoughts on “The Totally Phantom Menace

  1. He was fighting in France, I see. 😉

    This is something I really like about most fight scenes in the Avengers films. They’re very well choreographed; only a few show poor foot placement or timing. For the most part their fights are all fast and believable.

    In contrast, the duels in the sequel Star Wars movies are awful. Daisy Ridley’s dodges are far too slow, shown by the fact that you can see her opponents hold back or wait for her to stand up. It is very frustrating because the filmmakers should have caught those mistakes or hired a better fight choreographer to avoid them. It shows very poor craftsmanship to let those mistakes stand, in my opinion….

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    1. I haven’t seen The Force Awakens but I was really surprised by the fights in The Last Jedi. The one in the thrown room, in particular. It was good – for a high school no-budget movie. Would have done any high school student filmmaker proud. What it was doing in a $300M movie, I can’t fathom. The most egregious part, I think, was when one of the red guardsman’s daggers simply disappeared after Rey locked up with him but only caught one of his arms, leaving the other free to stab her. Then that move where she dropped her light saber and the red guardsman just let her go so she could twirl around and catch it!

      To say nothing about the apparently decorative armor which seemed like it was specifically designed to protect against light sabers, except it only worked on the forearms…

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