Christ Change the World Twice

There were two ways in which Christ utterly and completely changed the world forever.

First, by the incarnation, Christ forever elevated the status of matter. No longer could matter be looked down upon as something unworthy of spirit, because God took on a body.

Second, by rising from the dead Christ defeated death. No longer is death the victor over life; now we can say with the Apostle, O Death, where is thy sting?

I find this interesting because human reasoning would tend to expect the savior of the world to change the world in only one way—by saving it. Elevating its dignity as well seems like too much to ask.

4 thoughts on “Christ Change the World Twice

      1. Lee Strobel is a fundamentalist and his book does not actually explain anything as he simply rehashes apologetic material to justify his own conversion, without once seriously examining any evidence that may challenge his already presuppositional belief.
        As you are Catholic I doubt Strobe’s case would have had any serious influence on your own personal belief.
        The same will apply to someone like Wallace, or Habermas or any of a similar apologetic bent.
        So we are effectively back to faith.
        What I am looking for is actual evidence and preferably contemporary and independent.

        Do you have any at all_


  1. Do you have any evidence to support your characterization of Lee Strobel’s book?

    And what on earth do you mean by “independent”? Anyone who came to the conclusion that Christ rose from the dead would be insane to not be Christian. Do you really prefer evidence presented by lunatics?

    (My own reasons for belief are complex and unlikely to make sense to most people.)


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