One thought on “Response to Deconverted Man’s Video about My Video The Dishonesty of Defining Atheism as a Lack of Belief

  1. Hey ! I really enjoy your YouTube work, the vidoes are entertaining and informative, well reasoned as well as conversational. You’re doing a good thing and hopefully bursting some internet atheist bubbles.

    I wonder if you have any thoughts on this blog post? The author doesn’t make the standard mistake of asserting that the Church was enthusiastic about the destruction of science and scientists, but then goes on the make the edgier and slightly more frustrating suggestion throughout the post that all those smart people back then were probably closet skeptics because well, *all smart people probably are* or something like that. Doing this kinda spectulative historical psychobiography is almost worse than the usual science vs religion nonsense because it’s harder to refute by reference to the blindingly obvious data of history.

    The stuff on Slate Star Codex might well make good material for your videos, as he seems sort of conflicted between understanding the appeal of religion and being *oh so rather too reasonable* to think any of it could be true.


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