It’s a Good Day When I Get Half the Things Done I Want To

So I haven’t been writing on this blog much lately, which follows the pattern of other blogs I’ve run over the last 15 years or so. To some degree it’s natural that I have a lot of pent-up things to write, then once I get them out the rate at which I write new things is reduced and then with a reduced frequency of writing I fall out of the habit. I’ve also never really had a popular blog, which is fine—I’m happy to write for whoever reads it, as I trust God to put what I write in front of who should read it, however many or few people that is—but it doesn’t provide the same sort of motivation as knowing people are expecting one to post things. But the other trap I fall into is writing a fair number of edited essays, I tend to build up the expectation (for myself) that everything I write will be like that: an important subject, addressed in a considered way. Which is great, except that it requires a lot of work and therefore a lot of time.

So I think I’m going to be posting a lot more in the Rambling category, as I can find five minutes a day to talk about whatever is on my mind. It won’t be as worth reading, but it will probably be more personal and some interesting points might come up in the process. And as the subject of this post indicates, given that I’ve got several big work projects, and three young children who need a ton of attention and work, not to mention a household to do half the maintenance on, I’ve got to be careful to keep my secondary activities small or they just won’t get done for the next few years. Not that I’ll never post a more essay-like post in the other categories, but at least for the moment here’s the plan.

Speaking of blogs, I finally signed up for an RSS reader a month or two ago, and it’s really nice. (The reader is called newsblur. There’s a free, limited but useful, version; the premium, unlimited, version is $24/yr.) It does a reasonably good job, but as much as anything it’s great to have an RSS reader again.  It was a really awful thing that google did when it killed off RSS readers by offering their free (and reasonably high quality) rss reader, then killing it off. I suspect that the blogosphere took a big hit from that, as RSS readers are an excellent way to keep up with blogs. I don’t know whether google did that on purpose; this is the sort of thing to which Hanlon’s Razor (never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity) can explain. Still, you never do know. There is a fair amount of malice in the world. Not as much as many people think, but more than people who have led sheltered lives tend to think, too.

And if you’re interested, I finally got my review of the movie Legion up. Back to editing the audio for chapter four in my project to do a full reading of Chesterton’s masterpiece, Orthodoxy.