Why You Can’t Have a Scientific Morality

I’ve occasionally seen references to using science to construct morality, so I discussed why this is impossible. (This is also a position which any who believes in scientisim—that the only source of knowledge is science—is forced into if they don’t want to hold morality and all associated human actions, such as law and criminal justice, to be completely irrational. They’re not going to want to do that because then they’d be holding that all the most important things in life are irrational.) And of course you can view this on YouTube:

One thought on “Why You Can’t Have a Scientific Morality

  1. Exactly! I love the “scientific”
    Morality argument and all it’s ridiculousness !! There’s not much gray in this argument. Without God there is no objective morality and thus nothing but our opinions. I swear, I wonder what’s going to happen when someone starts to argue for pediophiles being a lifestyle that should be defended ( as long as they haven’t actually abused children ). I mean, after all it’s how they were born and they can’t help it, right? Well right?!!!?


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